History Of The Alabama Turfgrass Association

The Alabama Turfgrass Association (ATA) is a non-profit organization established in 1961 to:

Unite the supervising turfgrass management personnel of Alabama and Northwest Florida into a cooperative group for the collection, preservation, and dissemination of factual information concerning all aspects of their profession.

To improve and enhance the individual and collective efficiency and public prestige of the membership through education of the general public as to the values of Turfgrass to society.

To promote and support research, teaching, and extension efforts related to Turfgrass management at Auburn University.

Each year the Alabama Turfgrass Association holds educational events for all segments of the turfgrass industry. Five RoadShow Seminars are held throughout the state in January and February of each year, which offer a full day of educational topics specific to turfgrass management. Two fund-raising tournaments are held each year:  the Poa Annua Golf Classic in April and the Mole Cricket Fishing Tournament in August. Every year ATA holds a Field Day which alternates between a Sod Producers Field Day and Sports Turf Field Day. The Field Days offer education for these industries as well as offering a chance to see and demonstration equipment on a sod farm or sports field respectively. ATA also hosts a three-day Annual Turfgrass Conference & Tradeshow which features over 20 educational sessions, a tradeshow with latest products and equipment offered to the turfgrass industry and social events such as the Membership Appreciation Dinner and Auction and Golf Tournament.

ATA has been active in lobbying for fair water rights and a legal workforce – two topics that are crucial to our industry. ATA has worked with the Green Industry Council and the Alabama Employers for Immigration Reform on these issues. These topics are and will continue to be an important issue for our industry and ATA is committed to push for fairness in regards to our industry. The Green Industry Economic Impact Study that ATA helps funds has proven a major benefit in getting our voice heard on these issues.

ATA is also committed to supporting turfgrass research. ATA holds two fundraisers each year; the Mole Cricket Classic which has recently been changed to a deep-sea fishing tournament and the Poa annua Classic Golf Tournament. 100% of the proceeds from these events go directly to the Alabama Turfgrass Research Foundation, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization which directly funds research projects.

For more information on the Alabama Turfgrass Association please contact us at Post Office Box 70, Auburn, Alabama 36831, telephone: 334.821.3000 or 1.866.246.4203 (toll free), fax: 334.821.3800, email: mailbox@alaturfgrass.org.