Alabama Turfgrass Research Foundation

The Alabama Turfgrass Research Foundation (ATRF) is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization which was started by a group of dedicated turfgrass managers back in 1997 to secure funding for turfgrass research. Many of those gentlemen are still serving on the Board of Trustees for ATRF. The current Board of Trustee includes:
  • President – Wayne Bassett, Beck’s Turf, Inc.
  • Vice-President – Randy Bodine, Bodine’s Landscape Services
  • Brian Aaron, CGCS, Azalea City Golf Course
  • James Bartley, Harrell’s, Inc.
  • Lee McLemore, CGCS, The Country Club of Birmingham
  • Tim Orton, Agrium Specialty Products
  • Tom Wolf, Coosa Valley Turf Farm

Turfgrass managers from across Alabama and northwest Florida are coming together in a joint effort to raise funds for the Alabama Turfgrass Research Foundation (ATRF) with the bi-annual Auburn University Turfgrass Field Day and two tournaments: the Mole Cricket Fishing Classic and the Poa annua Golf Classic. ATRF is a 501 (c)(3) foundation whose primary function is to fund research projects that are beneficial to turfgrass managers. 100% of the proceeds from these events will be donated to ATRF. We encourage everyone in the turf industry to come out and support our fund-raising efforts.